Illustration Process: Spooky Self Portrait

Hello. Here is the newest painting and a look behind the process.

First, thumbnails in Photoshop.

Flipped the composition and tried to keep the mood the same. I’m a little tired of trying to guess at drawing/painting faces, so I referenced myself for this illustration. Drawn traditionally and painted in Photoshop.

Next, value and color studies in Photoshop.

Changed the hair shape to flow with the composition better.

Transferred an enlarged copy of the drawing to 16.5″x24″ cotton canvas, and away we go.

Worked from painting thin shadows to thick lights. Similar to sculpting the form, except on a two dimensional canvas. Tricky, no?

Really liked painting something I could grasp as a form, and enjoyed the cool color combinations. Left lots of room on top and bottom as pretend title and author spaces, but I’d like to experiment with more layers in the future.