Illustration: Sleep

Went a different route with this concept. Started with thumbnails.

I like the battery charging concept, so I ended up developing the bottom left image. Now to decide between digital or traditional. Tried digital over a pencil under drawing.

But it seemed too cut and dry to me. I’m still wrestling with making a digital piece look finished. I wanted soft transitions, so then I tried watercolor.

Yeah, this is workable. I scan the image into Photoshop and clean up the edges. Then I paint a quick broad color swatch for the background.

You don’t have to paint the entire thing in one piece. Illustrating sections opens room to experiment. Try drawing/painting out different sections of your image, then assemble it digitally, like a puzzle.

I made rectangle shapes in Photoshop, then blended and erased back and forth until I felt satisfied.

This piece looks totally different than my first one with the crows. I have no idea what kind of style to do as an illustrator, and that’s ok. The important thing is to keep creating work. Once I have a large collection of pieces under my belt, the style will naturally become more consistent as I work more efficiently. It’s like having a random set of numbers, lots of them, and calculating the average. The average will be my voice.