Illustration: Detriments of Technology

First, thumbnails. I find it wise to work small and try to have the composition read easily before blowing it up full size and noodling away. If the composition is strong on a small scale, then it will retain that strength when enlarged. For this concept, I played with multiple scenarios both symbolic and realistic.


My mentor recommended I develop the last one, so now it’s decision time. How will I create it? Since trying my digital hand on the last illustration, I realize how much I need to improve that tool. So, I’m trying again! This image is pretty simple, so working digitally should be doable. I scan the drawing into Photoshop and use a lot of layers, lassoing, and shapes.


After researching diving board references, I modified the design and moved the circular button to the other side of the device. Now I attempt to make the phone look sleek with smooth gradations.

Side note: One of many personal things I’m attempting to overcome is painting with brushes on Normal instead of Multiply. It’s easy to rely on my traditional underdrawing for the final and paint with see-through color, but to let the digital brush cover over my lines? Eeehh that’s uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable helps me stretch and grow.


Thus ends another digital attempt. Honestly, I wasn’t as engaged working on this piece as the two previous.

Two reasons: 1) It’s a simple illustration, but now I see it’s not my style. I would rather go to town drawing and modelling out forms on a face instead. 2) I spent a lot of time looking through magazine illustrations this week and tried to create something that would appear to “fit in” with what I thought “sold” visually. Bad way to think. If I’m attempting to mimic something that I personally don’t find interesting, it’s going to show.

So, I am getting more confident working digitally, but I’m also going to take what I learned from this piece and create something I’m genuinely pumped about. Here’s to the next one!