The Biggest Mistake That's Killing Your Passion

You've lost motivation for what used to excite you. Distractions are stronger than ever. You keep finding (legitimate?) reasons to pursue other things

It's okay, I've experienced these symptoms too. 

Are you ready to identify the cause? If so, read on.

Travel Back In Time

Remember when your idea for this project breathed its first breath? There was so much excitement for the potential of what this idea could become! At this point, it was easy to wake up every day with a fresh sense of purpose. That is, until the novelty wore off. 

Eventually, the weight of the daily grind catches up. We find ourselves caught up in time-consuming details, roadblocks, and unavoidable issues that leave us feeling frustrated and drained. We become so preoccupied with the WHAT'S and HOW'S of our projects, we've forgotten our WHY. That's the biggest mistake. 

The WHAT'S and HOW'S aren't nearly as important.

If you don't take time to regularly remember and examine your WHY, you'll always be focused on the wrong thing.

Your WHY Drives Everything

It's at the core of your motivations, driving you through the muck and mire of difficult times.

  • A strong WHY has a large source of fuel. You can survive the zombie apocalypse on this. 

  • A weak WHY has a small source of fuel. Start anything on a weak WHY, and you'll run out of gas before you ever reach the interstate.

For example, I'm studying Japanese in addition to writing and illustrating. If my reasons for studying were because it sounded "cool" and "fun", then I would've stopped the moment it became boring and frustrating. New things are only cool and fun for so long. I continue to study because I'm actually planning to go there again (I've been twice). I want to connect with the people.

Getting Good at Anything Requires Unwavering Commitment

To be sure, there are fun and exciting moments along the road to mastery. There are tear-filled, boring, and frustrating moments too. This can be said for any creative pursuit. 

Whether it's practicing for a piano competition, writing for a book, or painting for a portfolio, understand that if your WHY is weak, your passion won't last. You didn't want it to last long anyway? That's fine. Retreat. I'm crouched in the trenches of war, speaking to the rest of you.

You signed up for this battle because you believed in something that meant a lot to you. Now, you're feeling the heat. Look back and remember.

Remember how your heart burned to see this war won.

Remember your excitement to see this idea come to fruition.

Remember your unshaken desire to bring this project to completion.

Remember your WHY.

Call to Action

1. Write down your WHY.

If the WHY is bigger than you, it will be a passion that drives you beyond both failure and success.

2. Post your WHY statement somewhere you can always see it (on your phone’s Home Screen, taped to your mirror, printed and hung in your office space, etc.).

When the minutia of everyday life overwhelms you, it’s easy to forget the big picture. This exercise will help keep your vision alive.  

You're doing better than you think. Keep going.